How to Get Free, High-Level Mentoring Every Morning of Your Life

Back in 1976, Bob Beaudine was a soon-to-be college graduate, with a head full of questions about life goals, dreams, obstacles, finding a mate, and getting a job.

As he struggled for answers, Bob's mom, Martha, shared with him a "secret" that had been passed on to her: God wants to spend time speaking with each of us every morning, before we begin our day.

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2 Chairs, by Bob Beaudine - book review

Martha advised Bob to sit in one chair in his home, and imagine God sitting in another chair next to him.

But what should I say? Bob wondered.

"Just be you, Bob," she said. "Say good morning, thank Him for coming, and tell Him you have some questions. He'll take over from there."

The next morning, I woke up at 5:00 a.m. with great anticipation. Before I sat down I made myself a cup of coffee, as my mom had told me this would be like meeting with a close friend. The moment I sat down, I felt Him. I can only describe it as a wave of peace and love that suddenly hugged me in a way, and my eyes immediately teared up. I hadn't even said anything yet. Then I clearly heard Him say in my mind, "I'm so excited you're here!"

Almost forty years later, Beaudine, now head of America's leading executive search firm in sports and entertainment, decided to share his daily practice with the world in the book 2 Chairs: The Secret That Changes Everything.

What's different about 2 Chairs compared to prayer, is that in prayer we are speaking TO a higher being, while in 2 Chairs, we actually LISTEN.

In prayer, we are beseeching. In 2 Chairs, we're having a conversation with a well-respected mentor.

Now I have to tell you that I am not a practising Christian myself. I was raised a Catholic but "fell away," as they say, during my University years. So the Biblical references don't resonate with me.

But I absolutely DO believe in a Higher Power. (How else can one make sense of all the complicated beauty of our universe?)

So what drew me to 2 Chairs is not its Christian point-of-view, but rather that the daily habit itself is so darn helpful.

In a typical morning, I'll receive serendipitous insights. Or easily discover the best focus for my day. Or simply enjoy a quiet moment of reflection.

In our house, I'm almost always up first, so I settle into one of the comfy living room armchairs with a cup of coffee, say good morning, perhaps ask a question, and then just listen.

It honestly doesn't matter to me whether the guidance I receive comes from a being called God or from my own inner wisdom. All I know is that I look forward to the practice each morning.

And, over time, I believe it is keeping me more centered.

There's actually more to my morning routine than this. 

I'll share my full "Miracle Morning" practice with you soon. 

But the heart of it is 2 Chairs.

What about you? Do you have a morning routine that you value? I'd love to hear about it!